New Year Resolutions for 2023

 Hope I stick to them!
Resolutions from Me

OK. Let's get them over with - my New Years Resolutions for 2023. Firstly, to remember the new year date. Hee hee - that's a mature person's problem, yes? Where 'What day is it?' transforms into 'What year is it?'

Let's get serious...

Let's get serious now - a list would help improve self-management. nd definitely help focus. Signposts! Scaffolding!

And there's always room for the random event, the silly idea that just pops into the gardening head. The impulse to dig, or change, or mass plant something. Or direct Non-Gardening Partner to chain-saw down an annoying tree, or remove an over-sized flax. But these are small scale details, and the list should be broad and general, yes?

Aha! I could stack my Resolutions with spiritual, conceptual items, so the odd practical resolution (for example, the one about garden maintenance) is buried in the middle and therefore not too scary. Nothing to be frightened about, New Years Resolutions. Lots of people make them. And break them. Here goes, then :

  1. To be nicer to my dogs and my friends. Dogs before friends? Hmm...
  2. To always enjoy my gardening.
  3. To play more new music on the piano. Old music on old fingers is hardly a challenge.
  4. To try and stay ahead in garden maintenance tasks.
  5. To show understanding of the seasonal trees in leaf and not plant things that need sun in summer-shady places.
  6. And, following on from the above, to shift anything that is planted in the wrong place, before it dies.

And finally, one over-riding resolution : to be content and happy in what I am. And if not, to jolly well do something about it.

 Plants and friends who can be found in my garden.
2023 is a New Year

If I was a well-organised person (ha ha) I would report back at the beginning of each new 2022 week. Aargh! Don't I mean 2023?