A Surfeit of Agapanthus

 In the Wattle Woods.
Agapanthus Planted

I am THE most successful species Agapanthus digger and shifter in the world - well, possibly in the 'www' world. But I might be the only mad gardener who thinks such an activity is worthy of being blogged about...

Leaving a luscious legacy of swathes of greenery in the difficult areas of my garden is definitely not to be sneezed at. Oops - mustn't forget the blue flowers in summer. They'll be a bonus! And where did all these Agapanthus plants come from? I 'won' them, all I could dig out, for free, in an online plant auction.

Transplanting carloads of freshly dug-out species blue Agapanthus is not considered a worthy garden activity, as several friends have indicated. I've learnt the hard way not to mention these plants in polite company.

 The last load!
Trailer of Agapanthus

Puzzled, Pitying...

The friend normally looks puzzled and pitying - a look similar to when I mention I'm collecting garden gnomes. 'Of course, I've got several of the pretty little dwarf varieties' they'll say. 'Oh, and you're planting the big blue species?'

They turn away, conversation finished, and I find myself spluttering inside. Of course I have clumps of dwarf Agapanthus too - a beautiful deeper blue, and pale clear blue, and white, and I even have some with variegated leaves called Tinkerbelle...

But pretty little dwarf varieties don't fill up difficult spaces underneath pine and gum trees. And my Tinkerbelles are definitely sulking - not a good look for a plant named after such a sprightly sprite.

 This new garden runs along the side boundary of Mooseys.
Planting Agapanthus

I'm Not Silly...

Now I wouldn't be silly enough to plant the monster Agapanthus plants alongside a house, or a paved path, or in a mixed flowery border with roses. I'm using them in the greater landscape, in dryish 'home-made' soil, in places where the irrigation doesn't reach, in the outer reaches of the civilised garden...

I probably wouldn't pay big (or even medium money) for species Agapanthus plants from a nursery. I'm digging mine out of another garden for free, so they're a beautiful bargain. The other gardener doesn't want them - she calls it a win-win situation.

My friends obviously don't think so. 'You have too much energy' they say, trying to adopt a kind, sympathetic tone, but I know they're completely bamboozled.

OK! Let's hear it for species Agapanthus!

 So many bits to plant...
Agapanthus! Aargh!

And a huge thank you to Megan for her generosity in giving me all these plants.