One Day in Autumn

It's important that the last day of April should be a serious gardening day. One day in the life of the autumn garden, and lady gardener - a perfect excuse to load the page with autumn leaf pictures.

A serious gardening day - but is there enough to do, and to write about? One autumn day in the life of a gardener who usually has far too much to say about nothing? Autumn gardening isn't all that exciting - the mood gets more and more mellow as the autumn sun sinks lower in the sky.

 Indian rhubarb.
Autumn Ornamental Rhubarb

Can the last day of April get a whole page? What about parity issues? For example, B-Puss my favourite cat only gets one page. My favourite fragrant rose Othello only gets one page. How can one dampish day in the life of an autumn garden (and lady-gardener) possibly compare to the most beautiful cat and scented rose in the world?

One Day in the Life

One thing is certain - twittering on in eager anticipation of great gardening deeds will not cut the mustard. If this 'day in the life' is going to be remotely interesting it will have to have pace, and wit, and good photographs. A few unusual, gardening ideas would also be nice. And how about some philosophy?

 Typical colours of autumn.
Autumn Dogwood Leaves

So what have I done (or thought about) today that is worth recording? Ha! I've been on an autumn colours mission with my camera, accompanied by B-puss (the most beautiful cat in the world, see above). I have taken two types of photograph.

The first set has the close-up button firmly on, and consists of geometric compositions in shades of red, gold, rust, brown and green, using various autumn leaves. The others have a flash of white in the foreground as my cat has walked in, over, or out of the shot.

 Ginko and a weeping Silver Birch.
Golden Autumn Trees


I am stumped, in a literary sense, by the autumn colours. How can they adequately be described in words? Autumn poetry is impossible to write well. Once you've used variants of the 'fiery flame colours' phrase a few times what's left, descriptively speaking?

The colours of golden syrup, treacle and molasses? Far too sticky. The colours of burgundy, claret and blackberry? Far too runny. Autumn is neither.

Garden Decisions?

I might be still writing, but I'm struggling. Today's gardening ideas? Zero. Garden decisions? None - though I've made a clothes decision for my overseas trip, and a money decision, and yet another piano playing decision...

Flowery Happenings

Philosophical thoughts? Nope. Anything flowery happening? Yes - those fabulous purple speckled toad lilies are flowering, the glass-house chrysanthemums are glowing yellow, and I have found quite a few brave daisies. Some dahlias are still in bloom. But all this is merely scratching the surface.

 Glowing golden!
Autumn Chrysanthemum

Any garden tools lost? No, but my plastic leaf rake handle broke. Any major problems? No - apart from sore hands and tired knees, and a complete lack of imagination...

Let the Photographs Do The Talking...

See, I am grinding to a literary halt. And google searching for some Autumn Haiku poetry to fill up the page will not do. So I must let my photographs do the talking, and, like an autumn leaf, flutter wordlessly (and gracefully) onto my (non-garden) bed.

 Those fiery flame colours!
Autumn Oak Tree Leaves

And thus ends a day in the life of an autumn gardener. Like I said at the beginning, a perfect excuse to load the page with autumn leaf pictures...