The Moosey House Guest Writes...

 Would you trust this man? Hmm...
The Australian Moosey House Guest

The Australian Moosey House Guest has allowed himself to be mentioned, often rudely, in odd pages of the journal. He cooks rice risottos, he lifts heavy things, he takes puppy for runs, and he takes photographs of the Moosey animals. Here is his debut as a Moosey guest writer.

Guest Writers

Guest writers regularly fill our forums, but having a guest writer on a proper page is a new innovation. It is an honour even the Beloved Other Children of Moosey have yet to experience.

The following letter from the Moosey House Guest popped up recently in the forum. Naturally I immediately recognised this new seedling Australian writer - an exciting new hybrid, recently germinated in the glass-house of gardening-with-pets prose. Fully hardy in frost conditions, he has been to Antarctice three times - and has even survived a Moosey winter in the Sleep-Out.

Let me proudly introduce the Australian Moosey House Guest, and his letter about the little ginger cat Smoocher.

A Letter from the Moosey House Guest

I think as the 'Australian Moosey House Guest' it was about time I stopped in at the legendary mooseyscountrygarden forum and wrote a word or two. So here goes.

Having just voted for the famous Smoocher in the Pet Voting Page, I thought I should let everyone really know why Smooch should be in second place where the Poultry entry started off. How the Poultry got to second place is, alas, a bit of a mystery to me (personally, I reckon the Head Gardener rigged it). Given that the Rooster would never shut up and had a habit of parking himself and his ladies outside the room I slept in and then starting to crow at 1.00am! The cheek of it!

Just between you and me, I had a celebration beer the day the Rooster and his Hens packed up bags and left town (needless to say, I slept like a baby that night).

Back to Smooch. You see, Smooch was with us for such a short period, but already his absence around the house has been telling. Smooch had that characteristic of 'The Right Stuff'. In comparison, some of the other cats, well, they have 'No Stuff' (of course, I'm talking about the lovable Mugsy). Smoocher - you see, he had charm, character, pizazz. Smooch was a bit like a man's best friend - he was always up to say hello and having a good cat pat. Some nights he'd even stay out in the Moosey Guest Room. And Smooch purred like a V8 engine. I mean, he really purred. And not just for a minute or two - like for ten minutes.

 Dear little orange cat - we all miss him!
Smoocher - Studio Portrait by the House Guest

Reflecting on Smooch, I sometimes wonder if he knew that he would be with us for such a short period of time and, to make up for it, he decided to go above and beyond what a normal house cat is expected to do - most of the other cats, Stumpy excluded, sit around on the house chairs all day doing nothing. Needless to say, I'm disappointed with Smoocher's low ranking on the Pet Voting page.

If you've read this far, then go back to the Pet Page and give a vote for a cat who truly was a great companion and who is sorely missed by all those at mooseyscountrygarden.

To burn twice as bright for half as long.

Australian Moosey House Guest

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