Mid-Autumn Colours

It's mid-autumn, in the gardening year 2019, and I've been out and about taking photographs of autumn colours. But it's not all about the deciduous tree leaves turning gold and red. There's so much else to marvel at : brights, pales, blushing pastels, screaming fire-engine reds...

because there have been no frosts yet, dahlias are still flowering, and foliage plants are still showing off in their pots. The roses, naturally, keep spasmodically flowering for the next weeks.

 The Phormiums are evergreen, the trees are deciduous...
Autumn Colours in the Dog-Path Garden

Sometimes the colours are definitely autumnal (decaying foliage, deciduous leaves turning and fading), but not always. It's such a mixture. And of course each day more and more leaves flutter down, as the trees start to bare their branches to the blue mid-autumn sky.

 The Golden Elm turning pale lime green.
Dog in Autumn Driveway

Couldn't resist a tiny list. Here are some of my colour reflections :

Colour reflections...

Mid-autumn in my garden is definitely the time to be visually vigilant. Enjoy!