Presenting The 2009 Seed Catalogue

 A page from the catalogue.
Which Seeds to Choose?

Ah... My 2009 seed catalogue has arrived in the mailbox. Full colour, pictures of everything, over one hundred pages of tempting treats. I deserve this! I've been such a positive, non-grumpy winter gardener...

I must be holding a pencil when I read it - seeds that catch the eye can then be circled immediately. And any money worries must be banished to the perimeter of the gardening mind. There can be no limit - if I choose a hundred seed packets then so be it - this is my destiny.

I do have a few personal constraints. I tend not to read the fine print, so am wary of ordering seeds needing scarifying, or chilling in the fridge. Likewise those which have fussy light or potting-mix covering requirements might not make my A-list. I run a reasonably random glass-house with respect to germination, and so I steer clear of expensive packets with less than ten seeds. Chances are that I won't get them all out of the packet anyway.

Putting my pencil down and taking a deep financial breath, here is the first draft of my 2009 seed list. So that the reader won't have to spend all day scrolling down the page I've organised the purchases into groups. Yippee! Read on...

Blue Seeds

I've chosen: Cornflower, Dianthus Siberian Blues, Geranium Splish Splash, Viola Pansy True Blue, Anagallis, and Echium plantagineum. I know Echiums are a bit ho-hum, but they germinate madly and my bees love them!

 Mu favourite colour.

And blue is the favourite Moosey colour, and has been for - oops - over fifty years. You can try counting the number of blue gardening shirts in my closet...

Fluffy Flowery Seeds

These are mostly annuals, which will nicely fill the gaps in my garden. I've chosen: Candytuft, Calendula with single daisy-like flowers, Cosmos sulphureus (I'm promised a 'formula blend' of yellow, orange, scarlet red, and rose), Daisy Dahlberg AKA Thymophylia tenuiloba, a Viola called 'Cats Whiskers' - well, I couldn't leave that off my list...

 Pretty flowers...

Cottage Garden Seeds

OK, OK - I can't resist growing such delights. I don't care if they're completely out of fashion! I've chosen: Foxgloves (apricot, and a white with burgundy speckles), Lysimachia Beaujolais, Nasturtium Whirlybird Cream, Sweet Pea Azure Blue, Verbascum Antique Rose, Lupin Russell Mixed, and an Aquilegia named Miss M. I. Huish. Wonder if she is a famous fellow-gardener...

Interesting Odd Seeds

Hee hee. This is where I go mad on semi-silly colours and shapes, thinking I'm being oh so daring (please don't laugh). I've chosen: Atriplex Red Flash, Cerinthe with its groovy colour scheme, some lime green Nicotianas and Aquilegias, white Clary Sage (which smells like the Moosey cat litter box after a lazy fortnight), a purple leafed Salvia, and some variegated rockcress (Barbaria vulgaris) which is said to be 'highly ornamental'.

 Some of the more unusual varieties...
More Flowers

Boring But Nice Seeds

Gardeners are allowed to be boring sometimes! I've chosen: Euphorbia variegata, AKA Snow on the Mountain, and I don't care if it spreads, and white Cosmos - I forgot to collect my own seed.

Vegetable Seeds

A few of the 'same old', 'same old' varieties. But there's no point in growing vegetables that no-one in the Moosey household eats - like radishes, or pak choi. I've chosen: Basil (Red and Green), Carrot Berlicum, Lettuce Merveille Des Quatre Saisons, Peas Mange Tout, Zucchini Black Beauty, Coriander, Parsley, Beans (Albenga and Purple Tee Pee), and Red Beet.

 Traditional, but they will be eaten!

My goodness this is fun! And don't forget - I do save lots of my own seeds as well. So the Moosey garden will be totally overflowing with spring and summer colour, and the Moosey household will be snacking on healthy organic produce. That's easily said in mid-winter...