Spring thoughts 2020

My first weeks of spring, 2020, have been just gorgeous! Cafe treats and gardening glories - a trailer load of garden mix, a new (i.e. charity shop) blue gardening shirt, seeds germinating, resolutions to clean out the glass-house... My cats and dogs providing great garden company. New hope!

 Never alone in my garden!
Me with a cat and a dog

Lots of treasured moments : Blue skies, some delightfully gentle rain. Little blue forget-me-not flowers, yellow daffodils. Bees a-buzz, birds squeaking excitedly about spring. Duck pairs landing on my pond - no, no, no! My pond is not safe for ducks!

And blossom - no wind yet to 'disturb' the big flowering Cherry tree in the Driveway Lawn. New Muscari clumps I planted rather late in winter are flowering (such pretty little blues). Camellias are gorgeously colourful, early Rhododendrons too.

 President Roosevelt, with some loss of variegation.
Spring - Blossom and Rhododendrons

Tiny leaves are bursting from shrubs and trees. Spring is for all the senses : smelling the fragrant Daphnes, listening to the buzzing bees, crumbling up the horse manure, finding a dark red Hellebore gem amidst the dull ivories and muddy pinks.

How to describe spring? Can't, really. What's inside the head of a spring gardener? Lots of flowery, emotional feelings of being blessed and refreshed - and perhaps not quite enough practical resolutions (like keeping on top of the weeding).

 Early daffodil, Camellia, Hellebore
Spring Flowers

And perhaps a touch of quiet panic. Spring occupies a small amount of time in the gardening year, and is ever-changing. Each day there's the old and the new. Spring, like its bulbs and blossom, can never last long, but that's OK! Relax and celebrate each spring day.