Trees and Shrubs

 An excellent if extremely heavy reference book.
Botanica's Trees and Shrubs

I keep under-rating the shrubs in my garden, but I still use this big, heavy Botanica's Trees and Shrubs book a lot. I also have the pocket sized edition, which is easy to carry around.

Botanica's Trees and Shrubs

Chief Consultants Valda Patterson & Geoff Bryant

I find the selection of shrubs in Botanica's covers a wide range, and there is heaps of really useful information on varieties. The pictures help, too, and it's interesting finding out where my common garden shrubs actually originate from.

A shrubbery is like an United Nations of plants - my favourite non-native shrubs come from all sorts of different countries, far and wide. New Zealand native shrubs are well represented in this edition of Botanica's as well, as they are in the smaller pocket sized edition.

The preface to the book talks about shrubs as 'quiet achievers' - I like that description very much, and am determined to give the shrubs in the Moosey garden much more credit.