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 Gardens of Plenty...
Gardens of Plenty

I know there are plenty of potager books, but this one, titled 'Potagers of Plenty' is an excellent read.

Gardens of Plenty - The Art of the Potager

Marylyn Abbott, photographs by Clay Perry, et al.

There are potagers from all around the world to enjoy in this beautiful book. It appeals to me because it includes examples from Australian gardens. And whatever can be done in Australia can certainly be done here in New Zealand! As a lapsed potager gardener - well, actually I failed totally - this book makes me feel a little guilty. But like all my favourite books it does give me ideas, and confidence.

The pictures are wonderful. There is good historical detail, but the emphasis is on the here-and-now. Potagers of Plenty could definitely inspire me next spring. That is, assuming I don't deliberately lend it out to anyone (a useful potager-avoidance strategy)...

Sometimes I suspect that I'm just not meant to ever create a potager in my garden. For some reason I will never be a potager-person. My obese marrows and lettuce trees are conspiring against me again.