ABC Australia Gardening

This Australian magazine is colourful and jam-packed with flowers and planting ideas. There are a lot of brightly colourful advertisements too.

Gardening Australia

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Some great Aussie characters write regular articles for ABC Australian Gardening. All the various climatic areas are well described, too.

There's one thing that really bugs me though about Australian gardening magazines in general. It appears that every Australian gardener manages to grow huge tomato vines at all times of the year - surely I'm mistaken? When I think of my struggling Russian Reds, still green and it's nearly Autumn - no wonder many New Zealand people emigrate...

 Full of colourful flowers.
The ABC of Australian Gardening

I'm envious of many of the Australian garden climates, but it's surely a case of 'the grass is greener'- I'm just suffering from tomato-envy.

There's a TV show which goes with this magazine, too. From looking at the magazine I'll bet that the ABC's Gardening Australia TV programme is great fun to watch.

There is a website that you might want to check out, if you'd like to know more about ABC Australia Gardening's magazines or TV shows :