English Country Living

I had to include this magazine, not because I regularly read it, but because the very first Mooseys Country Garden was featured in it - taking up a quarter of a page of English country living space.

English Country Living Magazine : National Magazine Company UK

 And there, on page 51...
Country Living

As an ex-pat who was born in Somerset I felt intensely proud! The world becomes a very small place when you're a gardener.

This magazine has an incredibly thoughtful and romantic atmosphere, though I sense it is not for the budget-conscious, if the advertisements are anything to go by.

Is it possible that the well documented class structure in England has produced a class structure in gardening magazines? And if so, why not?

There's no better read on a wet wintry day than Country Living - and the romantic mood of the magazine is wonderful for starting wet winter daydreams. It's nice to forget the realities of gardening at such times.

So there's a lot of fun and no harm done when a colonial gardener gets their hands on English Country Living! Especially as the Moosey garden once got a mention. Thanks, English Country Living, you're an evocative read.

This magazine has a website you can visit at : www.countryliving.co.uk