Gardening Which?

 A consumer style garden magazine from England.
Which Gardening Magazine

Gardening Which? (complete with designer question mark) is The Consumer Gardening Magazine for British gardeners. The Moosey London team were kind enough to send me some copies - I'm very impressed!

Gardening Which?
Editor: Julia Boulton

It's informative and serious, but didn't lower my gardening self esteem at all! Consumer magazines can be quite daunting - they can make a humble gardener-reader feel guilty. There's something terribly responsible about using a 'good' rose spray, or an ergonomically sensible hand digger or an eco-friendly garden glove. Guilty gardeners who cheat (oops!) do not wish to be reminded of their sins by a magazine!

Gardening Which? is nicely presented, beautifully colourful, and doesn't try and show off and be super-scientific. The photographs are great, advertising is non-existent, and the groovy newly designed question mark in the logo is obviously the editor's pride and joy.

This magazine is practical rather than precious - and all the articles are very inspiring. It's also quite a nice size and thickness to read comfortably in bed!

The plants featured in Gardening Which? are perfect for a temperate-climate garden like mine. I'm sure I could find most of them in New Zealand nurseries. Hmm... it could inspire me to spend rather a lot of pocket money...