Weekend Gardener

 It comes out every two weeks, I think.
NZ Weekend Gardener

Weekend gardener, which styles itself 'New Zealand's do-it-yourself gardening magazine' has been out for a while now. The name has ironically put me off buying it - if it was called 'Daily Gardening' I'd have probably snapped up a subscription!

Weekend Gardener : ISSN1171-8315
WG Publications Ltd

Weekend gardener is a nice, lazy read. It has lots of colour, and colourful adverts, varied fonts and styles, and busy headings. Weekend Gardener also has an independence guarantee - it doesn't get paid to promote the brands and products mentioned in its stories.

Other people's gardens get glossy write-ups, there are some lovely autumn tree photographs, and there's even an artist. I found a plant doctor, and someone visits a local nursery to 'See What's in the Shops'. Hmm...

Well, Weekend Gardener, even if your name is designed to appeal to superficial garden scratchers, I might try out another issue. Perhaps I'll be more in the mood for that purple daisy lettering...