Cat Lounge in the Hay Barn

My reclusive grey cat Lilli-Puss has always been shy, and early on decided she didn't want to live in our busy cat-filled house. So I set up a cat lounge for her in the hay barn. My lovely Lilli deserved the comforts of home.

 Silly Lilli!
Lilli-Puss the Grey Cat

There are comfy old armchairs for her to relax on. She can snuggle into the woolly afghan rugs to keep warm at night. On a little table is a selection of dusty old coffee table gardening books (in case she fancies looking at some pretty pictures).

 Such a pretty cat!
Lilli-Puss in Her Cat-Louge

Along the inside wall of the hay barn there's a shelf of well-worn paper-backs (for light reading), and a display of rather gaudy cat plates (for self-affirmation).

Facing the Sun

Lilli's cat lounge is open but weather-proof, and faces the sun. On cold, clear winter mornings it's the warmest place on the properly. She also has a cat box perched high on the hay bales - perfect for a look out, to see who's coming to visit.

Lilli-Puss has always been a well-fed hat barn cat. Some country cats who live 'rough' are left to hunt for their food. Not Lilli-Puss, though she still keeps the barn free of mice and rats. The dogs and I visit her each day with food. Obviously we stop for a cuddle and a chat. And sometimes a quiet read of one of her books, hee hee.

Sadly this winter (2015) Lilli has gone totally AWOL. She's nine years old, in good health, smoochy and friendly. I know Lilli would have loved to be an only-cat, so I'm hoping she's wandered off and moved into a nice cat-less house somewhere.

Miss You, Lilli-Puss

Lilli-Puss, I miss you. The dogs and I still walk down to the hay barn every day and call your name - just in case.

 She even has some flowers!
Lilli in her Hay Barn Cat Lounge