The Hay Barn

The hay-barn in the Hazelnut Orchard paddock has an eclectic collection of Moosey junk, neighbour's junk, plus bales of hay - just in case the sheep need feeding out.

There are also a few rabbits and mice who make the hay-barn their home. The Moosey cats are so well fed that they don't bother coming here to hunt. Pity!

 Full of assorted junk - as well as spare hay.
The Moosey Hay-Barn

Here is an early view from the car bridge down to the hay-barn and beyond to the lucerne paddock, before the hazel trees were planted. The basketball hoop hanging on the top right of the barn has produced a Canterbury rep basketball player.

 feed for winter
hay barn

At the left the new row of shelter trees begins. These will give shelter from the southerly storms which are a feature of New Zealand's weather. They are Leyland Cypress.