Hen House Garden Paths

 This path has been shifted a lot of times.
Hen House Path

The Hen House Gardens are criss-crossed by a network of soft mulched paths. Some are edged with stones, others with soft foliage plantings like Renga Renga.


And all are extremely movable. Over the years curves have been straightened, entrances and exits to and from the back lawn have been altered. Paths blocked by over-hanging shrubs have been re-routed, while some have simply been decommissioned.

It's much easier to move a stone edge than to trim an over-sized Phormium. And it's no fun ducking underneath low tree branches, or meeting the thorny canes of an ill-placed rose, just to keep a path in the same place.

Self sown Pittosporums have been particularly annoying to accommodate. These hardy, tough shrub trees often grow where others might sulk and fade, so they are obviously most welcome. But unless they're trimmed they can become rather bulky rather quickly. In the Hen House Gardens I've has to limb-up several to make a path passable.

 All mulch covered and edged with river stones.
Paths in the Hen-House Gardens