Green Astelia

Astelias are another spiky New Zealand native shrub which I love growing in my garden. And there is nothing nicer than the clean green variety, shining in the beautiful New Zealand summer sun.

 A very beautiful New Zealand native plant.
Green Astelia

This shining green Astelia grows in the small waterside border which connects the Hen House Garden to Middle Garden. I've sometimes seen a clutch of orange berries close inside - this may be part of its flowering process.

 The stiff spikes behind the Astelia are Phormium tenax.
Green Astelia in Winter

Other Astelias in the Moosey garden are a stylish silver leafed variety, and a disappointing hybrid which is supposed to have ruby wine coloured leaves. Put it this way - that was their colour in the pot in the nursery!

2020, Oops...

Well, I have no idea what went wrong, but the Astelia died - slowly, and quite disgracefully, fan by fan. It was my pride and joy! Maybe it just got too big and old. So I've planted some fresh young things nearby. Life goes on, in a garden.