Early Plantings

The early plantings in the Hen House border were mainly perennials, planted in between the Rugosa roses : Lavender, Iris confusa, Canna lilies, Daisies, and Pulmonarias. The Cannas were the variety Tropicanna. Of course, sun was required for good growth.

 This picture was taken in the summer of 1998.
Early Perennials in the Hen House Garden

In its early days the Hen House Gardens had a large Iris confusa patch. Nearby I planted some Pulmonarias, which grew well in the partial shade offered by their strappy neighbour.

 Spots and stripes, Japanese Iris And Pulmonaria.
Japanese Iris and Pulmonaria

The perennials were fun at first, and very useful to help fill up a new garden. But pretty soon, as the overhead trees grew bigger, the garden changed from sunny to shady. Even the rugosa roses eventually had to move out.

 A beautiful colour in the late summer garden.
Yellow Daisy

This yellow perennial daisy used to flower in late summer, and was quite short and bushy - just less than knee-high. I'm starting to guess - this might be a dwarf type of perennial Helianthus. Hmm... I am definitely on shaky daisy ground here!

 A beautiful colour for the perennial garden.
brown daisy

I bought this daisy, with the interesting label 'Brown Daisy', at the local golf club plant sale one spring. But I never quite got organised into shifting it out of the Hen House Gardens when the shade came. Another one bites the gardening dust, so to speak!

Few perennials now...

There are few perennials surviving in here now. I've tried daylilies out on the very edge (hopeless) and even bearded irises, thinking that the trees would be less leafy when they bloom. Sedums do their best in autumn, but tend to sulk without the sun.