Hemerocallis - Daylilies

When I first started the garden here in the country I was given some huge clumps of species daylilies to plant. I didn't know anything about this plant, and was suspicious of the flowers only lasting a day.

 Growing in the Allotment Garden
Species Daylilies

The terracotta colours of the first species plants were very beautiful, but there seemed to be a lot of untidiness in the off season. I decided to investigate some hybrids, which the catalogues assured me were much better behaved, and earned their place.

 This is a tall variety of Lemon Daylily
Lemon Daylily

Each year I added to my collection of daylilies by purchasing just a few new ones by mail order. I'm fond of the dwarf varieties, which I've planted close to the stone edges of the borders. I have a beautiful tangerine coloured miniature clump at the side of the house which is happily due for dividing, and an equally luscious raspberry one.

 Hemerocallis is the proper name for day Lilies
peaches and cream coloured daylily

Names Unknown

Often I'll see daylilies in the bargain bins, price reduced after flowering, and I'll bring them home. Accordingly many come into the Moosey garden without names or labels. One of my favourite bargain daylilies is tall, with a large lemon waxy looking flower. It lives in the driveway border and is much admired from the car window.

'Stella D'Oro', which I'd read so much about, duly arrived with her label, but she hasn't been the best of performers. She's been moved here there and everywhere, it seems, but still hasn't quite got the message regarding flowering.

Most of all I love the masses of orange and red daylilies which pop up in the summer garden borders over the water race. These were originally planted merely as filler plants, but now have become a great summer feature.

Yet some summers the daylilies simply don't perform, and I've never been able to work our exactly why. Perhaps it was THAT special fortnight in spring when the sun didn't shine or the rain didn't rain... Or maybe my summers aren't quite hot enough. Anyway, I approach them armed with my shovel, and make loud muttering sounds. Empty threats, thankfully!