Autumn Oak Leaves

The two Oak Trees planted together at the far side of the Hen House Garden are both Scarlet Oaks, planted in 1999. Though they both came from the same nursery, the leaves change colour at different times in autumn.

 Warm red.
Oak Leaves in Autumn

Some years I take many, many photographs of Autumn leaves - the colours are so warm and alive, although I know that the leaves are about to die and fall off.

 What beautiful colours!
Scarlet Oaks - 8 Years Old

Over the years the Oaks have spread outwards and upwards, creating much more shade in summer for the gardens below. So the nature of these plantings has had to change.

 Such a brilliant colour in the sun.
Oak Tree Leaves in Autumn

I wouldn't be without the trees, though after hours spent raking up their fallen leaves in late autumn it's another story!

 These are on Duck Lawn.
More Oak Leaves to Rake Up