House Garden Images

The house doesn't change at all (apart from the occasional paint spruce up) - nor do the shapes and locations of the borders around the house. But the plants therein? That's another story! This page presents a collection of my recent house garden images.

There are different patio pots each year (summer vegetables grow well here). The outdoor furniture succumbs to the outdoors (luckily not bringing any unsuspecting visitors crashing down), and replacements (regretfully always low-budget) soon arrive. Grasses grow too big, the Wisteria dies back one spring, then magically re-sprouts years later, and starts flowering again. Such a wonderful perfume!

Some of the house roses thrive, while others lose their vigour. Annuals liven up the borders, but each year they're different. Sometimes swathes of blue cornflowers, or the cheerful, memorable poached egg flowers, or the subtle white Cosmos - a bit too subtle for the harsh, glaring mid-summer sun.

The house lawns change too - from lush spring green carpets to tired, motley camouflage-coloured grass littered with fallen gum leaves from late summer on. Not the sort of thing one takes photographs of!