Statue of a Piglet

There are few statues in the Moosey garden, apart from this cute piglet who stands guard in the centre of the path to the house patio. He has considerable sentimental value, and provides visitors with an interesting obstacle to step over.

 A guard pig.
Piglet with Hollyhock

Owners of good and proper garden sculpture will laugh at me, but this pale terracotta piglet has a job to do - as well as looking vaguely artistic, in a folk-arty sort of way.

Held Up by a Hollyhock

Right in the centre of the path a beautiful dark red hollyhock has seeded, in between the cobblestones. It's been here for years, and there's a trick to successfully growing a large plant in the middle of an important right-of-way.

The little statue of the piglet (placed proudly in front of the hollyhock) confuses visitors into thinking that I meant this to happen! Well, that's the theory...