Feverfew Daisies

  The rose behind the flax is Graham Thomas.
Top corner of the Jelly Bean Border

The top corner of the Jelly Bean Border used to be completely filled by a dark bronze New Zealand Phormium, or flax. Feverfew daisies with golden foliage have self-seeded all around, and they're still alive and well.

Flax Flattened

Alas - the big bronze flax was flattened in a snow storm and had to be dug out. Such a pity - in summer it used to combine so well with the yellow Graham Thomas roses and the daisies beneath - the effect was a bit of colour magic. I've since replanted a smaller flax, but it doesn't have the rich bronze tones.

Self-Sown Daisies

The self-sown knee-high feverfew daisies underneath have fresh clear lime green leaves, and will regrow after being cut back. They'll last for many years. They have button shaped flowers, and always turn up by the hundreds in my home-made compost, too. Nice work!

Name, Please?

Naming these little cuties correctly is a little confusing. Tanacetum parthenium? Chrysanthemum parthenium? Golden feverfew? I've known them to be called Pyrethrum daisies. And I've called then Chamomile daisies, though I'm pretty sure this is wrong. Oops. Now I've completely confused you!

 Their foliage is a pretty golden-green.
feverfew daisies