Deciduous Azalea

There were two deciduous Azaleas in the Moosey Garden when I arrived. I shifted this pinky-red one around a bit - it ended up in the top of the Jelly Bean Border, and is finally growing well. Some plants just need their gardener to leave them alone...

 Very beautiful.
Deciduous Azalea Flower

In the year 2006 I started visiting spring gardens with brilliant deciduous azalea displays, and my interest was tweaked. The Head Gardener at Ilam Gardens also inspired me - Ilam Gardens have some historically famous (in New Zealand) deciduous azaleas bred in the first half of the twentieth century by Edgar Stead. So I bought four very expensive new shrubs with silly, expensive names, coloured yellow and orange, from an expensive nursery. I've planted them underneath the Cercis Forest Pansy tree, over the water race. Cross fingers that these thoroughbreds don't get trundled roughly around the garden from border to border!

 Deciduous azaleas are beautiful late spring shrubs.
First Year Flowering

I've no idea what the name of this existing azalea is - and I've no way of finding out. It would be nice if it was one of Stead's Ilam hybrids!