Rose Canary Bird

The rose Canary Bird lives just over the fence in the Jelly Bean Garden. It is the first rose to flower in spring, and spreads out its arching branches covered in single smallish yellow blooms.

 I guess this rose's colour is canary yellow!
Rose Canary Bird

A Once Flowering Rose

Canary Bird is a once flowering rose, and always very healthy. On consulting my rose book I am heartened by the information therein - this rose resents pruning! Apparently it needs room to spread out, and can get dieback if attacked by a secateur-wielding gardener.

Perfect Policy

Perfect! My policy of total ignoring (or should I say total ignorance?) has obviously been the best one. Phew - that's lucky!

There is space in the Jelly Bean Garden for my Canary Bird rose to reach out - some branches are even draped over neighbouring shrubs. And I can honestly say that I've never ever pruned it!

 Such a lovely spring flowering rose.
Canary Bird Rose

The flowers are quite difficult to photograph as they are small, and are born close to the rose stems. Usually my Canary Bird rose pictures require an unobtrusive garden-gloved hand pulling the flowers together for the camera. And I hate cheating the pictures like that!