Jelly Bean Rhododendron Garden

Over several winters, some short and sharp snow storms broke many branches of the large Pittosporum in the Jelly Bean Border. Eventually I decided to saw it down completely. This opened up a large area of garden on the semi-shady side of the border. In went four rescued rhododendrons, dug out of an urban garden whose house was due for demolition.

 This is the side of the Jelly-Bean Border.
New Red Rhododendron

I added lots of organic matter - compost, rotted manure, and so on, to the soil, placed some of my young Maple trees in pots around the Pittosporum stump, and waited to see if the rhododendrons would survive. Of course they did! But I was careful in those early days to water them well.

 Very happy in its new home.
Violet Recycled Rhododendron

And what colours would they be? Such a surprise - an early red, followed by a soft pink and two soft lilac-purples. So pretty!

 Names unknown.
Rescued Red and Pink Rhododendron

I walk past the Jelly Bean Border a lot, and so I'm enjoying having an ornamental, shrubby garden to look at. This past spring I planted lots of Cerinthe in between the rhododendrons, which I'm hoping will self-seed. Cross fingers!