Cat Story

 Rusty the dog chased it up a tree.
Wild Grey Kitten

There's a special tree in the Jelly Bean Border where I first caught sight of Minimus, my grey cottage cat. There she was, on one of the long branches of the Elm, tiny, starving, and wild. My dog Rusty had found her and chased her up it. It was summer, Friday 23rd January, 2009.

Thanks, Rusty the Dog!

I managed to hand-feed her some food, and left a bowl in the fork of the tree. Of course by the next day she wasn't there, but later that afternoon my dog Rusty thankfully found her again, this time hiding in the back of the Woodshed. And so Minimus the woodshed kitten joined the Moosey cat family. Well, the rest is history!

Minimus now lives in the cottage, and she waits each evening by the gate for me to arrive with her evening meal. Then we go past the Jelly Bean Border, that Elm tree, and off to bed - two friends, snuggly and cosy in Pond Cottage.

 In this photograph she is five years old.
MInimus the Cat Waiting by the Gate

Dear Minimus! We were both lucky, back on that day.

 Big eyes!
Minimus the Cat