Summer Shrubs

Mid-summer means hot gardening days, lazy summer holiday days, and yellow summer flowering shrubs, like Hypericum and Senecio. Both shrubs lean over the fence of the Jelly Bean Border.

 Beautiful flowers, which lift my sagging spirits - but enough of that!
Senecio and Hypericum

There's not very much flower colour in the Jelly Bean Border, compared to other areas of the Moosey Garden. So when a shrub shows off with brightly coloured flowers it's well and truly noticed!

Cheery Christmas Shrubs

And, since mid-summer in New Zealand means Christmas, the yellow-flowering shrubs like Hypericum are even more heart-warming and cheery.

 Lovely sunshine yellow.
Summer Hypericum Flowers

Both Hypericum and Senecio are tough shrubs, easy to grow (for me), and never sulk when I prune them hard back. Nor are they affected by lack of rainfall or winter frosts.

 With lovely yellow daisy flowers.
Yellow Senecio Shrub

The New Zealand native Senecio I grow is a tree daisy, and is now included in the genus Brachyglottis.