Graham Thomas Yellow Roses

I knew I'd like the rose Graham Thomas from his description in a rose book - the soft, eggy yellow colour definitely appealed. He was one of the very first David Austin English roses I bought for my country garden, and I planted him on the fence at the back of the Jelly Bean Border.

 With the ram paddock in the background.
Graham Thomas Roses

Something I didn't know about Graham Thomas was his flowering time, which is later than many of my other roses. Consequently in those chilly early months of winter Graham Thomas is still busily blooming. What a lovely, cheerful chap!

 Most gardeners consider Graham Thomas one of the best English roses.
Yellow Graham Thomas Roses

He's had a couple of red Phormiums for company (the first one grew too big and was flattened in a winter snow storm) and recently had a small row of Lavenders planted at his feet. Each summer a cerise dahlia pops up from his base and always surprises me.