Ram Paddock

The ram paddock backs onto the Jelly Bean Border, and naturally there's wire sheep netting to keep the ovines in their place! It's a tiny paddock, in which the ram (or rams) can be separated from the rest of our small merino flock. It also makes a great paddock for any pet lambs - it's nice and near the house for those bottle feeds.

 In the ram paddock. And, technically, only two intact rams.
Merino rams

Moving around the back of the Jelly Bean Border, you'll get this view of the house from the Ram Paddock. The shrubs have bulked out nicely, and I'm trying to get Non-Gardening Partner to move the fence so I can redefine the Jelly Bean Border's garden edge. He's ignored me for over fifteen years. Hmm...

 That's an Almomd tree in the foreground.
View from Ram Paddock - 2010

The closer of the two gum trees is a favourite scratching tree for cats. The trunk is on a comfortable lean, so the claws get a great work-out.

 The trees in the Jelly Bean Border provide good shelter.
View from Ram Paddock - 2000

Sometimes a small group of sheep will stay in the ram paddock for two or three weeks to lower the grass. It's funny to watch them doing their early morning circuits of the paddock. It's not so funny them they start leaning over fences and nibbling at rose shoots!

 The blue on their noses is a lice treatment.
Ewes and Lambs in the Ram Paddock