Water Garden Bridge

Over the years I've taken lots of photographs of Middle Bridge standing on the back lawn. In the early days everything was clearly visible - the paths, ferns, trees and flaxes (Phormiums). And, of course, the cool running water.

 Still there - but the ferns and flaxes have grown!
Middle Bridge - 2013

Once over the bridge, a small dog-path ducks left around the fern and the tall stiff Phormium tenax, following the water downstream. It's been more and more difficult to get past the giant Gunnera in its growing season, though. Middle Path pushes its way between the Viburnum and the irrigation pole.

 Spikes of flaxes and cordylines.
Middle Bridge - 2003

In the archive photograph below the gardens were new - there has since been phenomenal plant growth. The paths in this area will always lead a precarious existence, always under threat of being swallowed up by rampaging greenery. I affectionately call them the 'Lost Paths of Mooseygan'.

 The flax to the right of Middle Bridge is Yellow Wave.
middle bridge - 1999

The garden to the right of the bridge is called the Dog-Path Garden.