Flax (Phormium) Cream Delight

 Different leaves from the same plant have quite different striped markings.
phormium cream delight

There are now many different flax (Phormium) hybrids which are available in nurseries and garden centres. A particularly beautiful variety is named Cream Delight. In New Zealand flaxes are very well priced - so I can justify having more than one!

Its leaves are cream, with bands of mid green. This flax is extremely tidy and compact, growing to just over one meter. It grows quickly, producing an abundance of fattish leaves which cascade softly to the ground. Occasionally Cream Delight will produce flowers in mid-summer.

In the Apple Tree Garden

One of my Cream Delight flaxes lives in the semi-shade of the Apple Tree Garden where it is surrounded by white and lime green Nicotianas and a small old rose coloured hydrangea. The cream colour is warm without being overly bright, and lightens up the border.

It strongly defines the corner of this garden area, and is set far back enough from the grass not to be a nuisance to the lawnmower (flax leaves have incredibly strong 'threads' and do not break).

 Phormium Cream Delight, red rhododendron, and miniature yellow daffodils.
Apple tree Border in Early Spring

Another Cream Delight flax is set back from the edge of the Wattle Woods. This flax looks good in all seasons, but particularly in summer surrounded by the tall Nicotiana Sylvestris.

 Beautiful in a mixed border.
Cream Delight Phormiums

And just recently I bought six budget plants in an online auction. They're planted at the back of the Shrubbery, for now. Hope they like it here!

 Lovely stripes!
Cream Delight Phormium