Agastache was one of my early perennial seed purchases. I didn't know that it would be so generous in providing me with new seedlings, and dutifully collected my own seed after the first flowering season.

 The bees love this plant.
Perennial Agastache

I really needn't have bothered. This perennial is almost a nuisance, but the bees like it very much, and it has a fresh smell of aniseed. It's a useful perennial, tough and versatile, and the seedlings are easy to control.

Blue Favourite

The blue variety is my favourite. I have a theory that the stems of the blue seedlings are darker than those of the white variety. This is a well known foxglove theory, still unproven in the Moosey garden!

 Dark blue.

Agastache is commonly known as anise hyssop. I've recently sown seeds of a pink flowering variety - they'll hopefully flower for me next year. The above picture is of a rather nice navy blue flower, also grown from seed. Mind you, I don't think that the bees care what colour the flower is!