Apricot Scentasia Rose

My first patio rose! Yippee! I found the little rose called Apricot Scentasia in the Easter nursery sale - so naturally I bought two. I thought the colour would compliment the patch of dark coloured Ajuga in the Birthday Rose Garden.

A Highly Recommended Rose

I had two more very good reasons for buying Apricot Scentasia. Firstly I'd enlarged the rose garden, and there was space by the edge. Secondly a good friend in the Moosey forum had highly recommended this rose, and I'd written of my intentions to get one. Naturally I had to follow this up!

 A little beauty.
Apricot Scentasia Patio Rose

The photograph above was taken in late autumn, and the colour of Apricot Scentasia is rich and fruity. The older flowers turn a delightful caramel shade - just like the stripes on the tail of my favourite white cat B-Puss! Gourmets, and anyone who has not had the pleasure of seeing B-Puss's tail, may prefer to imagine a pot of creme brulee.

The 'Apricot' may be subtle, and the 'Scentasia' is vaguely there, though it's a long way to bend down and appreciate the fragrance - well, it is for a creaky older-lady gardener with dodgy knees.