Celine Forestier Rose

 A bit wet!
Celine Forestier Rose

Celine Forestier was one of my original rose purchases for an archway in the Hazelnut Orchard. I bought two, but almost immediately they were both poor doers. So I added more robust roses either side of their archways (Westerland and Alchymist) and left the spindly ladies to sulk. Each year their performance was underwhelming.

I tried!

I tried pruning, I tried non-pruning. I tried spraying, and non-spraying. Last year I ignored them completely - I didn't even tie any of the canes into the archway. And wouldn't you know it! Brilliant blooms, hanging branches festooned with soft lemon prettiness - from pink-backed buds to fully open fluffy flowers. Oh my goodness.

Celine Forestier, a noisette rose, was introduced in 1842, and therefore is classified as old-fashioned. Often (for me, at least) such roses aren't the most robust, healthwise. The sentimental idea of growing an antique, heritage rose is ruined by black-spot, rust, or balling of the blooms.

Please understand that my old-fashioned roses in the Orchard cannot be mollycoddled, and just have to just get on and grow - fresh air, good soil, and water are really all they get given. So it could well be my 'fault'.

 I cheated - I held up a hanging rose cane to get this photograph.
Celine Forestier Roses

Paul Barden Roses describes a 'soft, phenolic Tea rose scent', which makes me want to go outside immediately and test out my nose. He also says she is 'well worth growing'. Oh yes - particularly if she'd always behaves as well as she is this year.

Grow well, and stay happy, dear sister roses. I'm so glad I didn't dig you out.