Coconut Ice Climbing Rose

Coconut Ice is the fluffiest, prettiest, 'pastelest' rose in my garden. It's a modest climber, pale pink-white in colour. The flower colours are reminiscent of the classic sweets made by busy mums for cake stalls and school fundraisers.

 On an archway in the orchard.
Coconut Ice Roses

This is a confusing rose to Google search for. There is another Coconut Ice rose, bred (as far as I can judge) in Australia, and it's dark pink. I also found a picture of a Botanic Gardens rose label 'Coconut Ice - Walker 1981', for which I can find no entries whatsoever. OK. So Botanic Rose Gardens can make a mistake?

My Coconut Ice climbs on an archway in the Hazelnut Orchard. It looks old-fashioned, but it was bred by Horner and released in 2003. The official name is HORlovesong. It's a real sweetie!