Compassion Apricot Rose

Compassion Rose

The climbing rose Compassion grows up two of the pergola posts by the front patio. It's a sweet smelling rose with big blooms of salmon-pink shaded with apricot.

Thirty Six Rose Petals!

My rose book claims that each flower has thirty-six petals - I haven't counted.

Compassion is one of my favourite roses for picking. Its fragrance is always appreciated, either in the house or when eating out on the patio in summer evenings.

Bred by Harkness

My big rose book has a huge paragraph of good things to say about the rose Compassion. For example, that it is THE MOST POPULAR climbing rose in England. It is bred by Harkness, and has won dozens of awards.

An Interesting Rose

I'll give it the Moosey Interesting Rose Award - I like the way that some stems have one flower, while others have huge clusters. It seems to be a well-known rose, too - every visitor who sees it flowering knows the name.

 On the house pergola.
Compassion Rose Cluster

Compassion was one of the first roses I bought for the Moosey Garden - after serious rose research. I'm very glad I did!

 Much brighter in autumn.
Compassion Roses

The later blooms in autumn are a much richer pink-apricot in colour. And just occasionally there'll be one or two winter blooms. Lovely rose!