Dublin Bay Red Rose

 Hopefully the leaves are not rusty...
Dublin Bay Roses

Dublin Bay is a tall red shrub rose, usually grown as a small climber. It's a natural choice for a country garden, spreading itself easily on a fence or filling a space in a border. But... Sorry, but I like my red roses to be fragrant!

Grown From Cuttings

I have a number of cutting grown Dublin Bay roses which have been planted in quite difficult positions. They've all managed to break out, be reasonably strong and healthy, and BLOOM!

Dublin Bay grown on its own roots has more sedate growth, but it seems better in proportion than the usual rootstock version. It was one of my first successful rose clonings - I remember feeling so proud!

Dublin Bay and White Iceberg

There were Dublin Bay roses and white Icebergs planted along the house fences when we first arrived at Mooseys. These two roses typify the rose style of the eighties in New Zealand, when the Moosey house and garden were first created. They must have been paired off together in many garden planting schemes in those days.

Dublin Bay is bred in New Zealand by the famous Sam McGredy. My rose encyclopaedia calls it 'one of the most popular climbers in New Zealand'. There's no scent. Dublin Bay is a strong, proud looking rose. It makes those 'cultured' Valentine's day red roses look pathetic and wimpy.

Footnote - Rose Rust Strikes!

I have lost faith in Dublin Bay lately. Rust, a fungal rose disease, came to Mooseys one summer, and my Dublin Bay in the house-side border has been rusted every year since. I'm not a compulsive sprayer of roses, so Dublin Bay had better watch out!

 Such a deep, brilliant red.
Dublin Bay Roses