English Elegance Rose

 Beautiful shades of colour
A Cluster of English Elegance Roses

The name says it all - as if it is describing the Moosey Head Gardener! English Elegance is a beautiful David Austin English rose, with flat (and fat) petal-laden flower-heads.

Like Gardener, Like Rose...

As a person who was born in England I feel a great affinity with this rose (particularly when apres-gardening in white linen flowering shirt, trendy indigo jeans, and anti-aging face cream freshly applied)...

My English Elegance rose bush was rescued from the bargain bin. It's the favourite rose of a friend, and so I grabbed it (she has such good taste!) and brought it home to live in the Willow Tree Garden. I love the mixed up pastel colours, and the ruffled petals.

David Austin's Heritage...

I grow a lot of David Austin roses - I love their old-fashioned look and their repeat flowering habits. At times I've thought I'd like to grow every single rose he has produced.

Then I remember how badly his famous rose Heritage (now banned for ever from the Moosey Garden) has done for me - this rose was never ever healthy! It was eventually consigned to the rubbish fire and ceremonially burnt. Oops!

 I would like more shrubs of this rose.
English Elegance Close-Up

My big rose book has a lot of sentences describing the rose English Elegance - this is usually a sign of a classy rose. It describes the flower colour as 'an unusual combination of pink, copper, and salmon'. Fair enough!