Redcoat Rose

Redcoat is one of the early David Austin English roses. I have two shrubs which used to grow in a mixed border. They were far too straggly, so I shifted them to lean on a small fence by the woodshed - much better.

 A large single red.
Redcoat Rose

Single roses have a very special charm and appeal, and Redcoat is no exception. In a large garden bright red is a fabulous colour, and Redcoat's particular red is bright and strong, with just a hint of cherry. It forms the perfect background for my vegetable garden.

 Redcoat needs space to spread.
Redcoat Shrub Rose

My big book of roses says that Redcoat's flowers have ten petals, and that it has 'hooked, brown thorns'. It hardly has anything else to say - Redcoat is obviously not in favour. Pity! It's a really good country garden rose, and I haven't spied a single blackspot yet.