Golden Tribute Rose

I've had the rose Golden Tribute growing in my garden since September 2001. World events on that day stunned me, and I wanted to pay tribute to those who'd lost loved ones. And to make my own small garden statement, with a beautiful rose, for world peace.

 Glowing gold.
Golden Tribute Rose

The floribunda Golden Tribute was duly purchased and planted near the house, with a few tears shed. Each year since it has blessed me with clusters of golden, lightly ruffled flowers. This rose, like the golden sun, symbolises life, growth, and hope.

And, for me personally, there's the lightest, gentlest touch of remembrance. I'm so lucky to be a gardener in a peaceful land.

 In memory...
Golden Tribute Rose

Golden Tribute is a tallish and healthy shrub. The vibrant, glowing yellow flowers bloom later than most of my other roses. And this rose can still be bravely blooming (well, trying to) in the winter solstice month.


In the year 2022 world peace simply wasn't a happening thing. Some countries in the world went completely mad. And so Golden Tribute which was welcomed into my garden in such a spirit of positivity simply gave up the ghost. Can't cay I blame it.