Leonardo da Vinci Pink Rose

I love, love, love pink roses. One that I've only recently planted, Leonardo da Vinci, is turning out to be one of the most beautiful in my garden. He has such generous clusters of blooms, and the pink is just right.

When buying new roses, perceived strength of colour often wins me over to the deep reds or flashy yellows. So I bought Leonardo da Vinci, Kathryn Morley, and Ispahan to compensate, and planted all three pink roses around the edge of the Pond Paddock garden. Initially Leonardo got a bit lost in a crowd of self-seeded red Centranthus, but this summer he's risen above the perennial flowers. Actually, their colour rather sets him off nicely.

Leonardo da Vinci Roses

But what on earth made the rose breeder (Alain Meilland) choose such an amazing man to name a middle-of-the-pink-road rose after? Leonardo da Vinci was an extraordinary man - a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer (thanks, Wikipedia). Some rose catalogues talk of the rose as 'lovely' and 'well contained' - words that can bear no relation to this man-genius.

The Thinking Man's Pink?

All I can say is that he looks beautifully old-fashioned, is robust of bush, and is beautifully, naturally pink - a pretty pink, without the slightest hint of pastel fragility. The intellectual, thinking man's pink, perhaps? Enjoy!

For the record, Leonardo himself is enjoying life much more now. I've replanted him in the sunny Allotment Garden. It wasn't the Centranthus - the Pond Paddock trees were just getting too big, and providing far too much shade. I couldn't have Leonardo getting the sulks, creatively speaking.