Honey Yellow Rose - Maigold

Honey Yellow Rose - Maigold

This honey yellow rose is a most successful roses for a country garden, blending the old-fashioned look with robust growth and repeat flowering. I grow it on the hitching rail by the Stables. And finally I'm sure I have it correctly identified - it's the Kordes-bred Maigold!

Soft Golden Yellow

The flowers are semi-double, a soft golden yellow, with prominent darker stamens. The colours remind me of honey on toast. This rose has extremely pointy buds, too, and they are quite coppery-apricot in colour.

For more than ten years I've incorrectly named it 'Windrush' or 'Golden Showers'. But I have been oh so wrong! Oops... But just maybe I can blame the rose nursery - more than once they've messed up the rose labels.

Some roses come and go in my garden, some delight and others disappoint. The honey yellow rose is still featuring, a five-star rose in my late spring garden. And so healthy - I've never squashed a single aphid on it, nor have I ever seen a black spot on any of its shiny green leaves. Even though my rose spraying programme is fairly non-existent...

I've had to go all through my records and stop it being called Windrush. Sorry about that. And now I'm able to change the text on this page, and officially welcome Maigold into my garden

 Bred by Kordes.
Honey Yellow Maigold Rose Flowers

I particularly like the naturalness of this rose - in one cluster there'll be buds waiting, blooms in full flush, and older flowers drooping, their time in the sun finished. It's a big rose but not too big - just perfect!

 A very natural grouping.
Honey Yellow Rose Cluster - Maigold

Oops. For no apparent reason Maigold lost its vigour. I gave it the tough-love pruning treatment. Might have been a mistake - it died in 2020.