Lavender Lassie Rose

This rose was retired here from a friend's garden, and she claims it is a Lavender Lassie. I planted it to spread over the wires between the pergola posts. The flowers were quite spectacular, in big clusters of blooms more pink in colour than lavender.

 So the last owner of this rose claimed!
Lavender Lassie Roses

Unfortunately the other Pergola roses claimed that the colour of Lavender Lassie clashed with theirs. So she was banished to the Stables border to lean against a sunny wall and comtemplate her lilac-pinkness in peace.

Would the Real Lavender Lassie Please Stand Up...

Another possible Lavender Lassie grows up through the apple tree near the glass-house. Again, this rose could be wrongly named - one of my self-styled expert friends has identified it thus. Please treat the rose photographs on this page with caution!

 A strong healthy climber which will soon cover one side of the pergola.
lavender lassie rose?