Buff Beauty Hybrid Musk Rose

This is the renowned hybrid musk rose, Buff Beauty. I became interested in this family of roses early on, as they seemed ideal no-nonsense country roses. I'd read about Buff Beauty and I wondered if it might look lost and washed out in my garden. I was wrong! This rose has a unique beauty.

 This photograph was taken in early summer.
Buff Beauty Close-Up

It never looks tired or scruffy, and is free from attacks by nasty things. The colour is hard to describe (so I won't!), but it does change in the different seasons. One of my Buff Beauty roses grows over the archway by the Crab-Apple tree, and has a lightweight archway to lean over.

 Beautiful flower colours.
Buff Beauty Hybrid Musk Rose

Buff Beauty has such a range of flower colours - from its first buff apricot flowers in late spring to the last pinky toned stragglers in late autumn. I love it - and I love the way my newest Buff Beauty sprawls gently and politely over the boundary fence, blocking the neighbour's mess from view.