Climbing Masquerade Rose

The lovely multi-coloured climber Masquerade is one of the early summer rose delights in the Moosey garden. But I should mention the rust and black spot that this rose seems to get - my Masquerade roses need to be sprayed.

This was one of the few roses I brought from my last garden. It grew there on an archway, and I was really amazed by its changing flower colours.

 A lovely rose.
Masquerade on the Pergola

Rust on the Rose!

When Masquerade arrived at Mooseys the dreaded rust became a problem, so I decided unsentimentally to dig it out. Ha! The rose knew better, and re-grew from a piece of root left behind. Now it has its place established, and climbs up the corner post of the house pergola.

In early summer the flowers appear, with such a collection of different colours on the one plant. Some flowers seem to stay completely yellow, others stay cherry red, and many take on a mixture of the two. As a climber it stays a reasonably modest size. Would it be a harsh thing to say that it's not a completely healthy looking rose? Sorry about that. A more rigid spraying and rose-care programme might indeed have better results than I do.

Flowers Off the Same Stem

It seems to be a good rose for cut flowers for the house, though there's minimal if any fragrance. The flowers in this photograph below were all neighbours off the same stem - honestly!

 Red, yellow, and all shades inbetween.
Masquerade Close-Up

The climbing rose Masquerade doesn't ever get too big - it grows up rather than out, and continues to repeat spasmodically throughout the summer.

 On the same stem.
Yellow and Red Blooms of Masquerade Rose