Clair Matin Rose

Clair Matin rose - what a delightful, flowery rose you have grown into, now that I've pruned away the greedy, overhanging trees and given you more of the simple things in rose-life - sunshine, water, and lots of gentle encouragement.

 Looking a bit bedraggled. Oops.
Clair Matin Roses

There were a few dodgy years, back in the past and well forgotten, when you looked more like a dismal morning than a clear one. But now, in spring, summer - and autumn, too - you've been continually flowering, a modest blushing beauty. Well done!

 This photograph was taken in the middle of Autumn.
Clair Matin Rose Cluster

Clair Matin is a shrub rose which could climb, or at least lean, up an archway or a post. It produces long, straight canes, and clusters of soft moderately pink flowers. Neither too blousy, nor too shy - everything about Clair Matin has warmth, style and subtlety.

The Perfect Rose?

Many roses in my garden will get into a bit of black-spot bother, or indulge in a rust-fungus frenzy. Clair Matin won't have any of this! Absolutely full of health, and undemanding with it - once again, I seem to have found the perfect rose. Time to get that perfect rose archway organised! And I promise I'll always keep those skies clear overhead!

 So pretty and so pink!
Clair Matin Rose