Casino Rose

 Not too big, and not too small - this climbing rose is just right!
Casino Roses in Autumn

I bought the roses for the pergola in a bare-root rose sale frenzy. The climber Casino was a last minute grab-and-dash purchase. I knew it was lemon, and I was deep in my yellow-roses phase.

Simple, really, how one of my most inspired rose choices was so totally random and unresearched. Casino is perfect for my pergola. It's big without being too big (rather like the pergola itself). The two main flowering flushes are later than the big red climber Santana opposite.

Colour Co-Ordinated

The other two perfola posts have two apricot thornless roses (both Crepuscule) growing up and over - this rose builds new red leaf foliage throughout the summer. My pergola is thus credible and colour co-ordinated, floriferous, and disease-free. Thanks, Casino.

For the rose record, Casino gets some very good press in my big book of roses: ' of the best yellow-flowered climbers around.' And the book goes on: '...has not received the attention it deserves.' Mooseys Country Garden, in its own small way, is trying to put this right.

 A scruffy climber.
Casino Rose

Casino is bred by the well known New Zealand rose breeder Sam McGredy. I have several of his other roses - but we won't say anything about Dublin Bay (which has proved rather distressing rusty over the last few seasons).

 A soft lemon yellow climber.
Casino Close-Up

Casino, in contrast, has never given me a moment's worry! It's a splendid yellow rose, though I could do with a few more flowers. I'm not asking for too much...

Update - Summer 2010

In 2010 I bought another Casino rose to climb on one of the rose archways in the orchard. I asked it very nicely to reach for the sky, but alas - it didn't prosper. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

 The oddest name for this rather non-commercial looking rose!
Climbing Lemon Rose Casino