McGredy's Michelangelo Rose

I'm worried about naming a rose after one of the most impressively amazing creators of all time, Michelangelo. Could there be a rose grand and impassioned enough to encapsulate this famous Renaissance man? Which colour or flower form could do him justice?

Two Michelangelo Roses

In fact, in the rose world there are two Michelangelos - the better known one is lemon yellow, bred by Meilland, and is a simply lovely, plain yellow rose. The one I grow, bred by New Zealand Irishman Sam McGredy, is more of a show-off, and much odder. Sam McGredy's Michelangelo doesn't attempt a connection with the famous man. It has thoroughly modern stripes and a rather odd style - a colouring competition entry rose, where a spirited child has chosen a vivid orange felt pen, smudged things a bit, and then spilt watery milk over the picture.

 Pretty bright!
Sam McGredy's Michelangelo Rose

This New Zealand version is rather gorgeous, though - not subtle enough to ever be overlooked, and almost too colourful to be taken seriously mid-summer. It's a fun rose, engendering no sense of 'awe-inspiring grandeur' (thanks, Wikipedia). I guess my garden will have to make do without such lofty ideals!

 A late autumn bloom, much more muted in colour.
Michelangelo Rose in the Rain

I'm not sure who got the better deal. Michelangelo at least has a choice of two totally different roses to contemplate from above. Not so for that other famous Italian, Leonardo da Vinci - his rose is a simply lovely, plain pink!

Footnote - Completing the Picture

New Zealand's Michelangelo was introduced as 'The Painter'. Now this name I prefer. I've also found a red Leonardo da Vinci, also bred by Meilland, thanks to Google images.

And On the Personal Front

The only non-rosy Michelangelo I've ever seen with my own eyes is a little Madonna in a warm, softly-lit cathedral in Bruges. Wonderful.