Unknown Pink Roses

My garden is full of unknown pink roses. Some came without labels, others were here when I arrived. There's no easy way to identify them, and it's best that I keep my guesses to myself!

 Hopefully one day I will find out the name of this rose.
unknown pink rose 1

This first beauty is one of the free roses I was lucky to get from a bare root sale. Unknown Pink rose number two lives in the new rose garden by the pergola. I'm sorry that the photographs come from old scans, and don't quite capture the roses' true colours.

 What is this rose's name?
unknown pink rose 2

The two fluffy pink roses were free roses which came here without labels. Number 2 has very light fragrance and is waist high and healthy. Number 3 - no fragrance at all, which is most disappointing.

unknown pink rose 3

The last unknown pink rose on this page is a taller hybrid tea rose which was in the Island Bed when I first arrived. Its blooms are slightly salmon coloured. It seems to flower quite sparsely, but the flowers are brilliant for picking.

 Unfortunately this rose gets black spotted.
unknown pink rose 4

But never mind the lack of names - they're all very beautiful when flowering.